2014 New Surplus 125kw Natural gas/Propane Generators


125 KW NEW surplus IH466 Natural gas/Propane generator Packages

Multiple unit available,  all unit are fully load tested and inspected.

Ready to run!

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SRC 125kw








Natural gas/Propane


New Surplus

Specifications Engine
Manufacturer SRC
Engine Model 466TA Gen2
Engine Type 7.6L, 4-cycle Turbocharged Aftercooled
Cylinder arrangement 6, Inline
Displacement, L (cu in) 7.60L (466)
Bore and stroke, mm (in) 109.2 x 135.8 (4.30 x 5.35)
Compression ratio 8.5:1/9.5:1
Piston speed m/min (ft/min) 8.1 (1596.0)
Main bearings: quantity, type 7, precision half shell
Rated RPM 1800
Max. power at rated rpm,  
kWm (BPH) Up to: 245 (195)
Cylinder head material Cast Iron
Crankshaft material Nodular Iron
Valve Treatment Cryogenically treated
Valve seat material M2 Steel
Coolant flow L/min (Gal/min) 189 (50)
Governor: type Electronic
Frequency regulation, no-load to full-load ±0.5%
Frequency  Fixed
Air Cleaner type Dry

Specification Alternator
Manufacturer Cummins Stamford
Model Various
Power Rating 150 kW capable
Temperature rise 105°C
Type 4-pole, Rotating-Field
Exciter type Brushless Permanent Magnet
Leads: quantity, type 12, Re-connectable
Insulation: NEMA MG1
Material Class H
Temperature rise 130°C Prime
Bearing: quantity, type Single, Sealed
Coupling Flexible Disc
Amortisseur windings Full
Voltage Regulation, no-load to full-load Controller Dependent
Peak motor starting kVA:
Specifications Exhaust
Exhaust manifold type Dry
Maximum allowable back pressure  
    kPa (in Hg) 6.7 (27.0)
Engine exhaust outlet size  
    mm (in) 76.2 (3.0)
Exhaust temperature max (°F)  (<1250)
Specifications Engine Fuel
Fuel System Rich Burn
Fuel Type LPG/Natural Gas
Fuel supply inlet 2.0 NPTF NG

½” hose LPG


Fuel supply pressure (in H2O) NG  (3.5 – 5.5)

LPG as provided by service

2014 surplus IH466, 125kw natural gas/propane generator packages, Heavy gauge weather proof enclosure, steel skid with pull bars and fork lift slots, 125kw Stamford generator 480/277,

Deep sea generator controls.

Multiple units availabel