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100kW, 480V Stationary, Automatic Load Bank, Model #100STA480 Featuring: Rated: 100kW at 480 Volts AC, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz, 120 Amps per Phase Automatic Load Steps: 6 x 16.5kW/ea at 480 Volts AC Tolerance:          5% overall Load Tolerance at rated Voltage Duty Cycle:        Rated for continuous operation. Cooling System: An integrally mounted TEFC motor with […]

Heavy duty, 4-cycle, direct injection, turbocharged diesel engine provides maximum reliability. – EPA emissions certified – Tier 4 final emissions compliant. – Sound attenuated, weather resistant, steel housing provides operation at 69 dB(A) at 23 feet. Fully lockable enclosure allows safe unattended operation. – Large side doors to provide access to engine and compressor. – […]

NEW, iGARD NGR Type NGR277-5/50-C/STARTCO Neutral grounding resistors limit the maximum fault current to a predetermined value which will protect the power system against damage produced by high levels of ground fault current typically seen in solidly grounded systems; yet allowing for sufficient flow of current to coordinate protection relays and clear the fault as […]