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What is NexSource?

NexSource is a versatile power company that excels in equipment rentals, sales, mechanical services, and custom packages for temporary power solutions. We offer equipment including light plants, Natural gas and diesel generators, fuel tanks and distribution. Our experienced tradespeople include Electrical / Instrumentation / Mechanical / and Gas Fitters that specialize in oilfield maintenance and construction projects.

Are you strictly an Oil and Gas company?

While the majority of our work comes from the patch, we are also have equipment and tradespeople available for any projects you may have. Other sectors that utilize our products and services include Mining, Agriculture, Logging, Commercial, Special Events, and many more.

What kind of services do you provide?

We are a “one stop shop” offering full E & I services from construction and maintenance, to creating a generator package tailored to your specifications.

Are you available for work outside Alberta?

Yes! We have highly experienced and qualified employees ready for work all over Western Canada.

How can I find the right generator for my project?

Contact our sales team at to answer any questions you may have. Plus, to get you headed in the right direction, we offer some online tools to use including our “Electric Power Calculator”, our “Fuel consumption chart”, and our “Amperage calculation chart.”

What is VST?

VST stands for Variable Speed Technology and can reduce your fuel consumption up to 30% or more. Our CVT Generator Package has a transmission between the engine and generator which allows the engine to run at a lower rpm in light load conditions, therefore, burning less fuel and lowering costs.

Can your Natural gas generators run on propane?

Yes we have a selection of generators that are modified to run on propane. Contact our sales department at to learn more.

Do you build custom packages for rentals?

We pride ourselves on our custom packages. Once we get your specifications, we can tailor a package to fit your project.

Can you look after my maintenance program?

Our experienced, knowledgeable mechanics, electricians, and instrument techs are available 24 hours a day to provide maintenance and repairs. Less downtime means more bottom line.

Does NexSource maintain 3rd party equipment?

Being a vendor neutral company, we have experience working on all sorts of equipment and brands, so maintaining the equipment you have is no problem.

Does NexSource have a sponsorship or donation program?

NexSource is proud to work and live in your community. We have a year round “NexSource Gives Back” campaign where we donate to local groups and programs. Please email for inquiries.